What I have been up to

I haven’t posted on this site in the last few months. I have been quite busy working on my latest creation: little bee, definitely already a music lover, and potentially future musician and/or photographer. Here she is, attending her first house concert at our friends Rhonda and Gabriel’s place last week: First House Concert 1152w-1 Our friends from Barefoot Caravan were in Prince Rupert for the week, teaching drumming workshops to kids as part of the Children in the Park Festival (organized by Success by 6). Little bee and I got to watch the kids’ performance on Saturday afternoon (the first rainy day in a while). Here is a bad shot, taken with my cell phone. I still have to work on a system to be able to comfortably carry both baby and camera. Maybe that’s called… a stroller 😉 Children in the Park-1


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