Come rain or shine…

This last summer in Northern BC, it was definitely more shine than rain! It was even, at times, overwhelmingly sunny for this Prince Rupert-based photographer used to grey overcast skies :-). Perfect conditions to practice playing with sun stars, shadows, and sunglasses!

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And when the rain falls… you make due and you keep dancing! Festivalgoers are troopers, to say the least… And photographers too ;-P

Here’s to dramatic skies and rain:

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Oh, and before I forget! Night skies also bring their share of amazing meteorological special effects:


One thought on “Come rain or shine…

  1. Hey Arianne, what a great site and a of course a great project! Hope to see you at the Kispiox 20th festival this summer. We have a great line-up planned including some from over the past 20 years of our festival.
    See you there!

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