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Capturing Music: Northern BC Music Festivals Photo Book Project

Have you ever seen a photograph that captures the energy, movement, and atmosphere of a live musical performance? I love to seize those moments with my camera! Since moving to northern BC in 2009, one of the highlights of my summers has been to attend music festivals. Over the years, until the summer of 2013, I had been to and had photographed the Edge of the World in Tlell, the Kispiox Valley Music Festival in Kispiox, the Midsummer Music Festival in Smithers, Arts on the Fly in Horsefly, and ArtsWells in Wells. The organisers, performers, and festivalgoers who saw the photos were thrilled with them. And I was thrilled, because I loved being able to merge two of my favorite things to do: take photographs and listen to live music.

So this last summer (2013), I pushed my passion for live music photography further. I started working on a photo book of Northern BC’s music festivals. I spent the summer on the road, travelling from festival to festival to take photos and collect stories from past and present day organisers, performers, volunteers, vendors, and festivalgoers. The book should be available for purchase in the summer of 2014 and part of the proceeds will go towards supporting the festivals involved in the project.

You can follow and support the project by following this website through WordPress or via email and/or by liking the Project’s Facebook Page (see sidebar on the right).

I would like to thank all the festivals that have offered me a weekend pass (most have also offered me camping and meals) in order to allow this project to come to life and offset my costs. This wouldn’t have been possible without their generosity and support.

I have paid myself for all the other costs associated with this project. So far, these costs are mostly for gas and car maintenance (I drove more than 10,000km during the summer!), equipment, website, and time, but there will also be costs associated with publishing and travelling in the summer of 2014.

Most photos on this site are available for purchase as a print or under license. Contact me for prices. All sales will go towards supporting this project.

To support me more generally as an artist, you can purchase a print or license for one of my photos on Flickr, or check the photography services offered through From the Treehouse.

You are an artist/band touring through Northwest BC and you would like some photos of your shows around here. Get in touch! I’d love to work with you.

Thanks for your interest in Capturing Music and for checking out this website. I hope you enjoy your visit.


In July 2013, one of my photos of Arts on the Fly was used on the front page of The Cariboo Advisor.

In June 2013, some of my photos from the last few years accompanied Matt Simmons’ words in Northword to promote the wonderful music festivals we have in northern BC.

Other work:

More of my photography work is posted on my Flickr account and on From the Treehouse.


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