If it won’t be sharp… then move with it!

In the Spring of 2013, with this project in mind, I bought a new camera. A real professional camera! A full frame! I was so happy and proud. I was moving up in the world of photography! Turns out the thing was a lemon and had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair mid-summer… I was devastated (imagine the sound of a balloon deflating). This story is longer, but for now I’ll keep it at that.

So then comes Robson Valley Music Festival, and I have to rely on the good ol’ Nikon D90 (don’t be fooled, the lemon was a Nikon too, but not all Nikons are created equal). The good ol’ D90 is an awesome camera. A tough little beast. A tank. But… it doesn’t do a great job in low light (at high ISO, in photography jargon). If the subject is still, it’s not really an issue, as long as I have a tripod handy. But try taking sharp shots of Mr. MGee as he is jumping up and down on the stage… He never stops moving… He’s very hard to pin down! I had to think of something… So I decided to follow him… Up, down, up, down… 🙂 and here’s my camera dancing to the rhythm of Charlie MGee and his Formidable Vegetable Sound System. Up, down, up down…

Movement! If it won’t be sharp, then move with it… By that point, I’d already taken thousands of stage shots, as sharp as I could, and I was looking for a new source of creative inspiration. Take this lemon… by failing me, you forced me out of my comfort zone and made me a better photographer. That’s how you really climb in the world, not by getting new equipment ;-). Here are four movement shots that caught my eyes tonight. More to come.


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